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We love sharing ideas and our readers love finding them.

“I can see an enormous amount of time and money was spent in equipping women’s leaders with the wealth of information on this website. The cost of a cup of coffee (or for me that would be a cup of hot chocolate) is definitely worth it! There is nothing out there as valuable as this resource. Thank you!! As a women’s Life Purpose Coach and Leadership Coach, as well as a Bible Study teacher, I will be visiting this site often.” -Kathy

“Hello Friends, I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy your website and newsletter.  I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from your website for our women’s ministry.  When I read your idea about doing an on-line study through a Facebook group, I thought what a wonderful idea to reach ladies who might not be involved regularly in a church.  So I began praying and felt like God was leading me to try this. I hoped that I might get 10-15 ladies to commit.  Well, after only a week of publicizing, I have 52 ladies who have committed to a six week study through our Facebook group “Finding Joy.” I just wanted to share with you how God is working through your website. Thanks so much for all that you do! Have a Blessed Day!” -Rhonda


“I’m really enjoying reading the Leadership Tips. They are helping me to ‘go deeper’ into areas of leading our WM. We are a small ministry/church, but I’m able to adapt the tips to work for us. I also love the monthly newsletters and your series of articles. I feel like I have a person tutor helping me grow as a leader…” -June


 “You’ll never know how far-reaching these things you so faithfully present to us are! Your diligence, your hard work and your commitment to blessing and enriching so many women’s ministries around the world is making a huge difference in ways that you will never know this side of Heaven!” -Robin

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“Thank you for the great ministry ideas and resources. This ministry has truly helped me build a better ministry in our place of worship.” -Kim


Wow am I excited!! I mean really excited.  I recently became the women’s ministry leader at my church, and this weekend is our team building meeting. So I’ve been praying and seeking God’s wisdom, and He spoke so clearly to me this morning as I was driving to work. Then when I opened my e-mail and this article on team building was in there. I was breathless. God is working for us every day and He shows it in so many ways like putting this article in the weekly newsletter. Yeah!!!” -Sherri


This article was GREAT! I have forwarded to all the women in our church and a few outside of our church.  Missional conversations are something we are continually teaching at Eternity! There are no chance meetings – only divine encounters.” -Jenni



“I’ve been researching women’s ministries online and have viewed many web sites. However, none brought me as much joy and information as your website.” -Miranda


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“I am so impressed with the amount of resources and information available in just one newsletter! You are all doing a terrific job and I thank you for the work, time, and sacrifice involved. What a truly wonderful ministry!” -Cheryl


“I have viewed, explored and thoroughly enjoy your site and have been receiving your newsletter for ages. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful resource. I fully appreciate how much time, effort and amount of prayer and faith would be involved in the continual running of it all.” -Debbi


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“I am so glad I found you! I am the WM Coordinator at my church and I was afraid I would run out of ideas. Thank you for the info. I know I will rely on you a lot this next year.” -Vannette


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